Voice messages just got more private

Hey there! So, back in 2021, we rolled out this cool thing called View Once for photos and videos, just to amp up the privacy vibes in your messages. And guess what? We've got some exciting news for you today – now you can send voice messages that magically vanish after they've been heard. How awesome is that?


Imagine this: you're sharing your credit card deets with a buddy or cooking up a surprise plan. Well, now you can spill the beans over a voice message with that extra dash of confidence. Just like how we do it with View Once photos and videos, we've got you covered – your View Once voice messages are boldly tagged with the "one-time" icon and can rock the play button only once. Cool, right?

We've got your back when it comes to your personal messages on WhatsApp! Your voice messages are automatically shielded with end-to-end encryption because, let's face it, privacy is our jam. And just to keep the privacy party going, View Once is our latest trick in the book – another cool move in our ongoing mission to bring you top-notch privacy features.

Exciting news! The View Once voice messages are making their way to everyone around the globe in the next few days, and we're super eager to hear what you think. Check out more details on how these snazzy messages work right here. Can't wait to hear from you!

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