New WhatsApp app for Mac; now with group calling

Hey there, remember when we rolled out a spiffy new WhatsApp app for Windows desktop earlier this year? Well, guess what? We're spreading the love to our Mac buddies now, bringing that same awesome experience to your macOS. Enjoy the upgrade!


Exciting news for our Mac users! With the fresh WhatsApp app, you've got a bunch of cool new features. Picture this – for the first time, you can make group calls right from your Mac. Video calls? Up to 8 people! And if it's an audio call, you can connect with a whopping 32 folks. Plus, join a group call even after it kicks off, check out your call history, and decide if you want to get incoming call notifications, even when the app is closed. Now that's a game-changer!

Check this out – we've given our WhatsApp app a makeover just for you Mac users! The design is all about that familiar Mac vibe, making it a breeze to get things done faster on the big screen. And here's the cool part: sharing files is as easy as drag-and-drop right into your chat. Plus, you get to sneak a peek at more of your chat history. Enjoy the upgraded experience!

Just like on any device, your personal chats and calls are locked down tight with end-to-end encryption when you're rocking WhatsApp for Mac. Ready to give it a whirl? You can snag the new app for yourself right now at, and keep an eye out – it's coming soon to the App Store! Happy chatting!

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