Multiple Accounts Coming to WhatsApp

What's cooler than having one WhatsApp account? Yep, you guessed it – having two!


Hey there, guess what's happening today? We're rolling out this awesome feature that lets you have not one, but two WhatsApp accounts logged in at the same time on your Android. Super handy, right? Now you can effortlessly switch between accounts, like your work and personal ones, without the hassle of logging out every time. No more juggling two phones or stressing about sending messages from the wrong place – we've got you covered!

Ready to rock that second WhatsApp account? All you need is another phone number and SIM card or a phone that's into multi-SIM or eSIM vibes. Head to your WhatsApp settings, tap the arrow next to your name, and hit "Add account." It's that easy! And here's the cool part – you get to customize privacy and notification settings for each account. Easy peasy, right?

Just a friendly heads-up: stick with the real deal, the official WhatsApp, and steer clear of those knockoff or fake versions. Your messages are in good hands and super private when you roll with the official WhatsApp – no compromises!

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