Introducing Secret Code for Chat Lock

Hey, remember Chat Lock we introduced earlier this year? Well, today we're kicking it up a notch with something even cooler – say hello to secret code! It's like an extra layer of protection for those super private chats. Now, if someone gets their hands on your phone or you're sharing it with someone, these chats become ninjas – super hard to find. Cool, right?


Now, with this secret code feature, you can jazz up the protection on your locked chats. Get this – you can set a totally different password, not the usual one you use to unlock your phone. It's like adding an extra cloak of privacy! And get this: you can even make the Locked Chats folder disappear from your chatlist, making it like a secret treasure trove only accessible by typing in your secret code in the search bar. But hey, if you want them to show up in your chatlist, no worries, you can keep them there too. Plus, locking a new chat just got easier – simply long-press it instead of diving into the settings. Easy peasy!

We're thrilled to see how much our community is digging Chat Lock! Now, we're turning things up a notch with secret code, and we're crossing our fingers that it adds that extra sprinkle of usefulness for you all. Guess what? Secret code is hitting the scene today, and in the next few months, it's going global. We're on a mission to keep leveling up Chat Lock with more cool features to safeguard your privacy. Tell us what you think – we're all ears!

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